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Tight Blonde Babe Erin Moore with a BBC


Tight blonde babe Erin Moore stuffs her mouth with a big black cock and gets her pussy fucked hard in interracial action.

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blogus Male 25mo ago Report spam

Lol, this chick wrote an article along with a few other porn chicks about how she regretted doing porn. Funniest thing though, the name she had the most popularity under was Ru+h Bl@ckwell. But in the article, she goes by Erin Moore. As R.B. she did a fuckton of scenes while pregnant. R.B. also did only exclusively interracial scenes. Maybe it has to do with her not owning the rights to the name or some shit, I just found that kind of odd, because she went out of her way to trash the porn dude who had gotten her pregnant (and blamed him for not supporting her while she was pregnant and "forcing her" to do porn to support herself).

Bitch is a straight dependopotamus, feel sorry for whoever's jizz was unlucky enough to stick to her egg.

Just a fun fact though, GOOD POST MAN, lol she's good at what she does and I definitely enjoy her scenes