Bettie Page Cum Party

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duration 12 min 02 sec ADDED: 29 months ago UPLOADED BY zal666
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Remembering Bettie Page. Masturbation whore pioneer.

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    carly25, 18 months ago zal, contact me on yt, i want to post this on xhamster
    randy51, 26 months ago Great vid. Betty was so sexy and beautiful. Her sexiness in timeless.
    vintageastro, 28 months ago the video is just great. Superb music! Thanks for uploading it.
    carly25, 29 months ago I LOveLOVE this video. thank you so much. all this nude Bettie in one place. She's the Original, and Best pinup ever. Soooo sexy. an original american Icon. and, hehe you just got me to spend hour playing w myself to her. and yes, it had the desired effect, more than once, so again, great video. TY