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  • Uploaded by: 2hard2passup
    Added: 42mo ago
    Runtime: 28 min 15 sec
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    23mo ago call it what you wish but it is really agreed upon Adultery plain and simple.
    23mo ago i like white women true enough but any MAN black, white, brown, yellow or red that let a man fuck his wife in front of him needs his ass kicked big time. Hello, she is your wife stupid men regardless of color. But I will not mess with any married woman. But I do like single white women White men stop being pussies and grow some balls. She is your wife stop treating her like a slut and piimping her out to black guys. IT is nothing racist about standing up for what is right and I am a black guy saying this. Marriage is scared and not to be pissed upon. And I mean not only letting your wife have sex with a black man if you are white but with ANY man other than you. Her body should be for you and you only.
    37mo ago Shook, ledv
    39mo ago Outstanding! This takes "porn" to a new level. As I have said over and over, the brain is the most important sex organ; and here the brain makes fucking so intimate and real until it makes me want to get in there -- and of all things, ask some questions.

    I appreciated seeing it when he first entered her pussy. I would have loved to ask her about her feelings since one can only experience a new thing once.

    It was unfortunate the Mr. P felt he had to leave. I don't think of him as being a sore spot in the clip. I think I even understand what he might have felt, and why he left.

    In the past when they discussed another man, and even a Black man, it was probably under more alluring circumstance with the mood of the moment leading the way. He might have envisioned himself more a participant than an observer much like me.

    She was delightful, unassuming with that knock-out body and lickable tits. Her nervous giggle kept reminding us that she was not a screaming, demonstrative actor or experienced porn star. If given the choice of fucking her, or an in depth conversation with her, I would choose the latter.

    This is good stuff. This is more like art, or anthropology than just sex. Most sex organs are just that -- sex organs. It takes a lot of what we see here to give true meaning and a heighten level of spiritual exploration to make it erotic and something we can all appreciate.

    I hope the couple will read my comments, and if I win the Lotto or something that leads to an infusion of more money than I could ever spend, I will find them and take them out for an evening on the town in any country they might desire, primarily to talk with them about their experience and thank them for their anthropological contribution to a field I love, love, love.

    There is a chance that some might identify me by my prose, but what the hell, I'm glad you're here.
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